Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tai Chi & Kung Fu Movies

On the lighter side! We are coming up on Christmas 2007. It is time to enjoy the season, and I thought that I would suggest a few martial art's movies... for those who enjoy them (not everyone does). I have only seen parts of these movies, however they all had pretty good ratings... as far as subtitled martial art's movies go. I am going to order all three. The reason I picked these is that there are aspects in these movies related to the martial arts you are studying. Don't make too much of the movies, but just use them for some enjoyment while you enjoy a pizza or some Chinese food.

1. The Tai Chi Master (2003) Starring: Billy Chow, Jacky Wu

2. Tai Chi II (1996) Starring: Jacky Wu, Christy Chung

3. Five Shaolin Masters (1974) Starring: Gordon Liu, Ti Lung


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wisdom and the Martial Arts

As many of you know, I have been teaching the martial arts for many years now. I have taught children as young as four years old and adults as old as ninety. As a teacher I see that those students who approach their studies with an open mind, sincere heart and enthusiasm will always do the best.

Understanding the importance of what you are studying is key! You must realize that you are not just learning a dance step and moving on to the next thing. This transient mentality has become prevalent due to many parents trying different things with their children. We must realize that we are not just trying out a hobby or some other fly by night class. In order to be a success in the martial arts, we must identify ourselves with it as an important part of our lives. Because I teach and run classes, this is easier for me... however as a student you must strive to continually make your martial arts training another part of who you are.

The concept of "I take martial art's lessons" or "I am a martial artist" are just descriptive of something you do or some title. Rather it would be better to realize that you in training for life and that your martial arts training is an integral part of that training!

I believe that all martial artists should have a teacher mentality... wanting to transfer their knowledge and train others. If you think like a teacher, you will improve your learning and your general life skills, such as communication and modesty. Consider your martial arts training an investment into all of your life skills.

If you are taking the time as an adult to learn the martial arts, it must be very important to you. Don't diminish the importance by turning it into some type of hobby, which it was never meant to be. Rather... think of your training as something that is special and fit it into your whole life.

© Copyright 2007 David West